The RECOL Circle is made up of corporations and leaders from across Switzerland who create the time to build our future organisations. All have either been involved in the field of responsible leadership already, or have clear aspirations to do so soon. They meet regularly as a small group, develop new approaches and are the “incubator” of responsible leadership.

Encouraged by the success of previous RECOL Circles, we will be building a new one starting 2017 and are exploring new formats. New companies are welcome as members.

There are clear accountabilities and benefits for Circle members, including commitment to responsible leadership programs and funding, access to frameworks and data, contribution and exchange of experience and first mover recognition.

RECOL Circle Members are also the steering group of the RECOL Forum activity and its future development.


Previous members of RECOL Circles

CSR & HR Leaders from Switzerland’s corporate businesses.



Boris Billing

“The community offers me the opportunity to share experiences with knowledgeable experts, get new inspiration for responsible leadership and together, bring forward such a crucial topic ahead of us.”

Boris Billing has been Head of HR Group Development with Swisscom for over 5 years and previously spent 18 years as an independent consultant and partner in the Management Zentrum St. Gallen.

Along with a wealth of corporate experience, he brings expertise in group dynamics and Supervision and system-oriented management theory.


Laura Hemrika
Credit Suisse

“RECOL is a unique group of passionate individuals developing and leveraging innovative leadership models, to push the field further and engage other corporates – so that “responsible” will be leadership, rather than the adjective before it.”

Laura Hemrika is head of the Impact and Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative (MCBI) at Credit Suisse, just one pillar of the comprehensive and holistic approach to microfinance developed by the bank over the last decade.

Prior to Credit Suisse, Laura was a strategy consultant at Booz & Company as well as for a number of private and public sector players. Laura is also the chair of the Swiss Capacity Building Facility.


Ursula Finsterwald

“RECOL is a great platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge with like minded people.”

Ursula Finsterwald is Group Sustainability Manager and Member of the Board at LGT Financial Services, and is responsible for development and Implementation of Sustainability Strategy across the group.

She previously worked as Sustainability consultant with BHP, as well as roles within the Federal Office for the Environment and the Swiss Finance Institute.





Fabian Etter

“ RECOL helps Swisscom to further develop our responsible leadership programme: not only through the exchange of views and experiences, but also through the drive and motivation of a very committed group of people that want to make a difference. ”

Fabian Etter has been at Swisscom since 2005 and is currently company Head of Corporate Responsibility. As well as being responsible for the implementation of the Group-wide sustainability strategy, he teaches CSR at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur and regularly holds conferences and seminars.

Today, Swisscom ranks among the most sustainable telecoms companies in Europe and was added to the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index in 2012.


Markus Simon
Credit Suisse

“RECOL is a small but powerful “thinktank” that helps corporations to understand the impact of responsible leadership and make the first steps.”

Markus Simon is global Head Talent Development Back-Office at Credit Suisse and has a huge breadth of global senior leadership experience across Learning & Development, Talent Management, Operations and Marketing through his long career at the bank.

Pass Joanna Hafenmayer Stefanska

Joanna Hafenmayer Stefanska
My Impact

“RECOL makes the broad topic of Responsible Leadership more tangible, more specific, more actionable from the perspective of each company.”

Joanna is the Managing Director of ‘MyImpact’, an organisation focusing on helping leaders to realise meaningful careers, an expert in the development of Corporate Responsible Leadership and a member of the board of ‘Öbu’, the Swiss think-tank for business and sustainability.

Joanna founded the RECOL Forum in 2010 as part of her Aspen Institute’s fellowship to promote Responsible Leadership within and beyond Microsoft, where she was CSR Lead.







Join the Circle

We welcome new Circle members periodically, as well as selected non-corporate members, such as academics or specialist advisors.

Please contact us to learn more about becoming a RECOL Circle member.