RECOL Forum 2013



The Details

When:   Wednesday, January 23rd 2013, 2.00pm – 5.00pm, followed by an “Apéro”

Where: Credit Suisse, Bahnhofstrasse 32, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

What:    Within our collaborative working platform – the RECOL Circle – we generate in-depth insight, experience, data and knowledge.  Our RECOL Forum made up of a broader group of companies Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability, Human Resources and other executive stakeholders interested in the field of responsible leadership.

Forum members benefit highly from the experience, information and knowledge of Circle members. At the annual Forum event, we share current developments from practical to academic perspectives and address key issues.

You contribute as thought leaders in the field, as well as active members of your own organisations to build the responsible corporate leaders of the future.


The Agenda

14.00-14.20 Welcome and introduction into the area of Responsible Leadership Development Joanna Hafenmayer, Managing Director of MyImpact, Initiator of the RECOL Forum.

14.20-15.20 Why and how to develop responsible corporate leaders: examples of strategies & programs by RECOL Forum members – Laura Hemrika, Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative, Credit Suisse – Michael Fürst, Senior Manager CR Strategy, Novartis

15.40-16.10 Input by Prof. Dr. Thomas Maak, Professor of Leadership & Responsibility, ESADE Business School, based on his research line on responsible leaders’ mindsets

16.10-17.45 Interactive session on two key questions with input from RECOL Forum members:

  • What does a Responsible Leader look like? Who are the leaders addressed? On what levels?
  • What would a portfolio of development programs look like in a leading company? – An aspirational and realistic suggestion from the practical perspective

16.45-17.00 Going forward with the RECOL Forum


Our People

Michael Fuerst

Michael Fürst.
Novartis Integrity &
Corporate Citizenship


Laura Hemrika.
Credit Suisse  Head of the
Impact and Microfinance
Capacity Building Initiative.


Thomas Maak.
Esade Professor, Dept of People Management & Organisation.


Joanna Hafenmayer.
Founder and
Managing Director
of MyImpact.


Our Participants

We are happy to welcome HR and Sustainability/CSR executives from following organisations:

Bank Sarasin
Bank Vontobel
Credit Suisse

Dow Europe

Schweizerische Post

Zurich Insurance Company
plus others